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“Crete, the inspiration for awesome works of art”

It’s hard not to be inspired by an island as magnetic as Crete. This amazing place and its people have been the inspiration for awesome works of art by creative personalities over the years, which are yours to discover no matter where you are in the world.

  • A lot of Crete’s universal appeal is its intriguing past, with ancient myths making for fascinating reading and sparking the interest of the great minds of every generation. Pablo Picasso was particularly drawn to the idea of the Minotaur (a half-man, half-bull of Greek mythology). You can check out his “Minotaur” art in landmarks like the British Museum and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

  • Everybody’s heard of El Greco! But did you know that this incredible Renaissance artist was born in Crete? You can admire his masterpieces in high-profile museums all over the world. And if you want to learn more about his extraordinary life, you can visit the El Greco Museum, housed within the building where he was born, just an hour’s drive from Elounda Gulf Villas.

  • It’s impossible for you to visit Crete without experiencing its traditional music in every kafeneion and taverna. This level of authenticity never fails to intrigue musicians and Irish-born Ross Daly was so enchanted by the traditional Cretan lyra that he moved to our island permanently, adopting the culture and customs wholeheartedly as he developed is love for this captivating instrument.

  • You may also know the name Manos Chatzidakis – the internationally acclaimed composer and writer of the Oscar-winning song featured in the classic movie “Never on Sunday”. He also had direct family ties with Crete and in fact, was so moved by his heritage that he stated in an interview: “Yes, I am a Cretan”, with this close bond even more evident in his musical piece, “The child from Crete”.

  • A love of Crete has always had its place in the world of entertainment. You may remember the 1977 BBC series “Who pays the ferryman?”, about an ex soldier’s return to the island after more than 30 years of absence. The soundtrack for this much-watched programme was composed by Cretan-born Yannis Markopoulos, who fondly showcased the beauty of his background with a melody that stirred the hearts of the thousands of viewers who tuned in.

Speaking of hits, you must have seen Zorba the Greek; but did you know that it was shot in Crete and based on the novel by internationally famous author Nikos Kazantzakis, who is native to our island? This bitter-sweet drama was a huge success in 1964 and is considered to be a classic piece of cinema to this day, making the actor Anthony Quinn almost Cretan too!

Seek your own inspiration in Crete; visit us at Elounda Gulf Villas and we’ll take care of the rest!