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The holiday season is complete, the winter has settled in, and the new year is upon us!

The holiday season is complete

The holiday season is complete, the winter has settled in, and the new year is upon us! On behalf of our family here at Elounda Gulf Villas, we wish you and yours nothing but the best for 2022. We can’t wait to welcome you back to our stunning collection of suites and villas on the incomparably beautiful coastlines of Crete.

All around the world, now is the time that we sit back, relax and reflect. A new year symbolizes new possibilities, new journeys and opportunities. In short, it represents the chance to create a new you. The best and most traditional way to begin this path is through deciding on your personal New Year’s Resolutions.

Of course, this comes with its own set of challenges. With all the pressure to find, stick to and accomplish your goals, we can often feel overwhelmed. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we let our resolutions slide. It’s important to be gentle with yourself, to give yourself simple and easy goals that will allow you not only to become the best version of yourself, but also to have fun.

That’s why we’ve compiled our Elounda Gulf Villa’s Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions List. Let these be a source of inspiration for you, helping you on your way to deciding what you’d like to manifest in your life this year.


    What better way to remember this special celebration than by celebrating your bond and connecting with your significant other through creating your very own unique perfume. A scent that will linger long after Valentine’s day is over,  this intimate experience will be a chance for you and your partner to learn more about one another, discovering each other’s favourite scents, and working as a team to create memories and a perfume that is exclusively yours and made with love! With all the finest ingredients available and a team of experts to back you up throughout the process there’s no doubt you will enjoy a magical day, stimulating all of your senses!


    From sweet and tangy, to tempting sour flavours and the most delicious seasonal combinations, make your Valentine’s date extra fun with a cocktail class for two! A classic evening of cocktails meets a twist, when you’re the ones who gets to make the drinks! Impress your other half with your bartending skills, and present them a drink so good that they ask for another round. If it’s your first time making cocktails no need to fret, because with the direction of expert bartenders you and your Valentine’s will learn professional techniques and how to make the most mouthwatering drink, which doubles as the perfect way to impress the guests at your next dinner party! Reimagine signature cocktails or create something completely your own, and put the stamp of love on all the drinks you make with your number one teammate this Valentine’s Day.


    What better way is there to connect with your inner self than connecting with the outer world? The healing powers of nature are a powerful reminder of our interconnectedness, and just a brief amount of time in the great outdoors is sure to replenish your sense of peace and optimism. This year, make it your mission to spend more time in nature. Whether it be on a white-sand beach, a pine-clad forest or a gushing waterfall, you’ll find your happy place in the countryside of Crete. Our team at Elounda Gulf Villas can organize you and yours an exclusive journey into the wilderness, discovering first hand the beauties of the natural world.


    Our diets are one of the most important parts of our lives. Food is not only our source of fuel and nutrition, but it’s also the way that we pay respect to our bodies. Eat well, feel well – let that be the mantra of the new year. As part of your resolution to eat healthier this year, why not try the Cretan diet? Scientifically proven to be one of the healthiest in the world, the Cretan diet is based on fresh, seasonal produce; lean protein and, of course, extra virgin olive oil! At Elounda Gulf Villas, you can experience the deliciousness yourself, dining at our signature restaurants, or enjoying custom made meals by a private chef.


    In Greek culture, family is everything. As a family-owned establishment, Elounda Gulf Villas knows how important it is to spend precious time with those who matter most. While the noise of everyday life may get in the way, it’s important to turn down the volume and enjoy the peace that only family can offer you. This year, we invite you to join our family, making your way to our stunning resort and experiencing the trip of a lifetime. Here, on the island of Crete, you’ll be able to make unforgettable family memories that will last forever.

    So, what will your resolutions be for 2022? Will they focus on travel, on diet or on exercise? Or will they focus on self-love, self-care and reconnecting with your loved ones? Whatever they may be, we wish you nothing but luck for your journey.

    We can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us, while looking forward to seeing you here at Elounda Gulf Villas very soon.