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a haven of fine dining and exceptional gastronomy

“A haven of fine dining and exceptional gastronomy”

While staying here at Elounda Gulf Villas, you’re in a haven of fine dining and exceptional gastronomy. From Argo to Daphni Restaurant and/or private dinging, there’s something for everyone to sink into as they realise their Mediterranean dreams. We’re all about authenticity, and we know that sometimes the most unforgettable memories are made in the most unexpected places. That’s why we’ve made this list of nearby areas where you can find tavernas and restaurants serving real, traditional Cretan food. Spend an evening venturing out to these incredible locales and learn how to eat Cretan food like a true Cretan!

1: Alykes

A 30-minute walk from Elounda Gulf Villas will take you to the area of Alykes, a stunning coastal strip with local tavernas. Walk along Chiona Beach, around the famous Porous Elounda Windmills, then down the coast to find yourself at a rustic seaside fish tavern. Crystal Cretan waters lap around hand-painted wooden tables, positioned right on the very coastline where the taverna’s seafood delicacies are caught. Enjoy the world’s freshest fish in this authentic and rustic culinary experience.

2: Plaka

This charming seaside village is nestled between the ancient ruins of Olous and Lato, only a 15-minute drive from Elounda Gulf Villas. Teeming with history and natural beauties, experience the flavours of quaint village life at one of Plaka’s seaside tavernas. Traditional Greek flavours and Cretan wines are yours to enjoy, as you sit and gaze over the coast to the nearby- island of Spinalonga.

3: Fourni 

Head up and away from the seaside into the mystical hillsides of Crete. The rustic village of Fourni is a winding treasure trove of discoveries, nicknamed ‘The Holy Mountain of Crete’ due to its magical atmosphere and many monasteries. Find your way to the main square of the village, where you’ll be greeted by a taverna serving up traditional flavours with locally grown produce. This is a perfect destination for experiencing authentic village life, set against a beautiful backdrop and rugged architecture, only a 25-minute drive from Elounda Gulf Villas.


    The buzzing town of Agios Nikolaos boasts a wide array of gourmet and fine-dining options for visitors to explore. Take a 10-minute drive from the hotel and enter the winding streets and rubbled beaches of this coastal treasure. Expect beach-side dining and delicious traditional Greek cuisine served in a traditional yet contemporary setting. Enjoy a starlit meal then stroll through the town, taking in its sights, scents and laid back atmosphere.


    Nestled further afield in the Cretan mountains lie the sister villages of Kritsa & Krousta. Kritsa is one of the oldest villages in Crete, built like an amphitheatre on the hillside with the coastline at centre stage. Explore its winding streets filled with Byzantine art, handicrafts and rich cultural traditions, discovering its various taverns and restaurants serving up authentic Cretan gastronomy. Alternatively, make a day out of it and head over to the nearby Krousta village. With sweeping views over Mirabello Bay, this quaint and rustic village is famous for making myzithropites, a delicious regional cheese pie.

    Whatever you’re after, whether it be the buzz of a traditional taverna or the flickering lights of a restaurant, Crete has it all. Staying at Elounda Gulf Villas puts you in a unique position, right in the beating heart of authentic Cretan culture with a world of gastronomy at your doorstep. So this summer, step outside, enter the fray and enjoy an immersive and unforgettable taste of Crete.