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This Valentine’s Day may be different from the last, but it continues to be a wonderful time to show your significant other how much they mean to you!

Show your significant other how much they mean to you!

  • 1.Dress up — The first step to a memorable occasion is always the process of getting ready and putting on your best! An indoor date night will feel extra special in a cocktail dress or tux so don’t skip this step. (Hint: it’ll make the evening even more ‘Instagrammable’)!

    2. Decorate — Just because you are staying in doesn’t mean you can’t have a change of scenery. Some fresh flowers in a vase and a few tall candles at the dining room table can make a world of difference!

    3. Travel through gastronomy — If you’re both adventurous when it comes to your culinary preferences, this could be a perfect night to breakout the sushi-making kit or try homemade pasta. You could even recreate your favourite traditional Cretan recipe from Elounda Gulf Villas.

    4. Bond over music — There are plenty of online concerts taking place that will make you feel like your favourite stars are in the same room as you! If you have a knack for music, this may be the time to serenade your one and only through the guitar, piano, or a song dedication.

    5. At-home game night — Board games can be a fun way for couples to spend an evening indoors; a little friendly competition goes a long way!

  • 6. The sweetest treat — The way to one’s heart is through their stomach, and many prefer dessert over the main course! Bake a decadent dessert together, like a lava cake, chocolate-covered strawberries or even something challenging like a croquembouche.

    7. Express your creativity — At-home art may be a way to let your ideas flow whilst bringing something to life that will always remind you of this day. Why not try painting, or taking on an origami DIY project?

    8. Movie marathon — Watching your very favourite movies can feel like a special occasion on its own. Paired with some artisanal snacks, it can make for one of the cosiest date nights; tried and true.

    9. Impressive cheese boards — Forget what you’re used to! Υou can craft a truly enviable cheese board that will look more like a piece of artwork than an evening snack, pairing some of your favourite varieties with premium cold cuts, spiced nuts, dried fruits, and maybe a chutney for a piquant touch. Add your favourite wine label and enjoy!

    10. Plan your next experience together — Few things are more romantic than looking to the future with your beloved. Plan your next stay at Elounda Gulf Villas, complete with massages for two, al fresco dinners under the stars, and sailing excursions along the Cretan coast!