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If you believe summer is over, think again! Crete is blessed by the “Gods of Eternal Summer” and October is one of the best months to explore this exquisite island.

If you believe summer is over, think again!

For most countries the end of summer comes, along with the inevitable rain, from mid to end August, and that is if you are lucky! Greece however does not play by the same rules and Crete especially is a place blessed by the “Summer Gods”, as we Greeks like to believe. At the time these words are put down on paper, Crete boasts a shiny 27 degrees, with no summer meltemia (strong winds blowing all over Greece mostly in August) ruining a fine day at the beach.

This is by far the best time to take a spontaneous break, catch a flight and explore the beauties of this amazing island, gaining all the benefits of the off-season period at the ultra-premium Elounda Gulf Villas resort, nestled on one of the most magical coves in Greece.

At this time the temperature is ideal, as the strong heat of the summer months has withdrawn, leaving behind the warmest seas of the year and a perfectly balanced clear weather with temperatures usually ranging from 20 to 25 degrees and no winds to spoil your day. Furthermore, October is not considered a peak month tourist-wise, which comes with several pros on all accounts.

  • First and foremost, the island is not packed with tourists from all over the world, leaving all of its beauties, archaeological sites, breathtaking beaches, amazing restaurants, jaw dropping sunsets, hidden coves, small remote islets, picturesque corners and lovely small streets free to explore at your own time with no haste and need to programme everything days and days ahead. At this time of year, you can enjoy the unique chance to have a whole golden-sanded beach all to yourself, to visit the monuments of Minoan Crete and its 2,500 years of history without millions of people surrounding you and endless waiting lines, to dine with your feet buried in the still warm from the shinning day sun sand at dusk in a small tavern with the locals, to indulge yourself with A-list services and ultra-premium hospitality choices in amazingly reasonable prices and gaining extra benefits on the way.

  • In the serene and dreamlike ambience of Elounda Gulf Villas you can make the best of the last days of summer with a full Cretan Holiday experience, taking advantage of our unique special offers, valid until the 31st of October. Choose between our spacious and graceful Elounda Luxury Villas (Villa Holiday Offer), our premium and elegant Elounda Luxury Suites (Suite Special Offer) or our impressive Elounda Luxury Pool Villas (Pool Suite Offer) the one that best suits your personal needs and desires and enjoy up to 35% off on our usual rates, free half board or lunch, free spa experiences and many more added values. And if travelling with kids, the Kids’ Club special offers will make sure your children have the time of their lives, while you enjoy a carefree day at the beach, the spa or the sea.

    Afterall, it is #StillSummerHere!