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Crete has been the kingdom of olive oil and wine for thousands of years. Our diet makes you live longer, feel healthier and, best of all, is absolutely delicious!

“Crete, the kingdom of olive oil and wine”

Crete has been the kingdom of olive oil and wine for thousands of years. Our diet makes you live longer, feel healthier and, best of all, is absolutely delicious!

Discover more about how it all began on an Olive Oil and Wine Tour, which will open your eyes to the endless wonders of our traditions.

Extra virgin olive oil is a gift to the senses with exemplary value. The mighty olive tree grows everywhere here; some have been providing shade to Cretans for thousands of years, and will be for many more to come. Though olive oil is very nutritious, it can also be found in deliciously scented soap and organic cosmetics, which you are sure to see in the island’s many small shops. Taste it from the source: at a traditional olive oil factory, you can walk through every stage of its production with an English-speaking guide, learning the ways in which ancient Greeks have been making this elixir of nearly-magical properties (it even extends your life span) for thousands of years. Receive its many health benefits by participating in an olive oil tasting before continuing on your journey of flavour discovery.

  • Wine is undoubtedly one of the most memorable parts of the Cretan experience. It’s present at every family gathering, holiday and celebration and has been for thousands of years; the oldest known European winery, from 1700 BC, belongs to our island! Find out all about our legacy from experts who have been producing this beloved nectar for decades at a local winery. A walk through verdant vineyards is the perfect way to be refreshed on a warm summer’s day and take in the different grape strains which are used to produce a range of aromatic labels.

  • Mandilari, “the king of grapes,” produces an excellent dry red variety, Vidiano is considered to be the “Chardonnay” of Crete and Latiko is the perfect combination between sweet and acidic. Of course, you will get to sip on some of these along with a Greek Meze at a wine tasting after your tour.

    Taste the best the Cretan land has to offer with us, at Elounda Gulf Villas.